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Green Gates Community Project

Earlier in 2018 Frodsham Town Council proposed the sale of the Green Gates land on Ship Street to developers for housing. This land used to be home to football posts and children’s play equipment. In more recent years this land has been kept under lock and key and neglected. To say the grass is overgrown would be an understatement! The community has objected to the sale of this land on a number of grounds. Firstly, affordable family homes within the immediate area remain unsold. While there is a national demand for housing, derelict buildings and brownfield sites should always be considered for development first. Our green spaces are national treasures. You can only sell the family silver once!

Much hard work, community spirit and meetings later, we have been granted 12 months to make the Green Gates Community Project a reality. This gives us until July 2019.


The land is protected by a covenant stating that the land is to be preserved for generations of Frodsham children. This does not encompass the need for developers profit margins. While Saltworks is an asset for sports, dog walking and supervised play; many residents have expressed genuine safety concerns over children freely using the area.


The Ship Street estate is only served by two road access points. Traffic is not able to flow well through either route as they are residential roads with heavy on street parking. During peak times traffic already builds to problematic levels. This problem would only be exacerbated by the addition of further housing in the area.


The findings of a thorough environmental survey are unlikely to show evidence of adequate facilities to support 22 new houses on this pocket of land. In addition, there are further plans for more houses on set aside land on the estate. Green spaces play an important role in making our community a pleasant place to live.

Community Garden Proposal

The Green Gates Community Project was formed to save the Ship Street land surrounded by green gates. It is known locally as Green Gates Park. We believe most of the community wants a safe, friendly and inclusive environment for everyone to use, and we have developed a vision to fit this.

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Voices From The Community

  • "We will be door knocking in the local community to hear your voices. We want to know what the residents would like this land to be used for. The results will be presented to Frodsham Town Council in support of our campaign. We also have an online version of the survey that we urge you to take part in here."

    Melanie Halsall | Chairperson